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14 Iulie 2021

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APPLY is an employee experience event – a different kind of conference, based on a fresh format, dedicated to all brave leaders in the field of human resources, who want to detach themselves from traditional work environments. Meet all those HRs who are in search of purpose-driven work that enhances their inner potential, all those HRs who search for opportunities fit for a life always in motion.

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Top online audience! Experts, leaders, executives, creatives and changemakers will use their knowledge to help you find your path in the upcoming years: HR Directors, Recruitment Managers, Talent Acquisition Managers, Headhunters, Candidates, CEOs, Employer Branding Managers, Freelancers, CSR Managers, Entrepreneurs or Consultants!



Forward-thinking HR Leaders from some of the most innovative companies will change your paradigms and challenge your thoughts. Our live sessions bring together bright minds who have developed authentic strategies and have demonstrated their value over time. They will share their experience, in terms of the challenges and opportunities that this field offers in Romania.

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BIZ invites you to attend live, on Facebook, the second edition of APPLY, the learning and networking event that enables its audience to be part of creating a culture innovation, purpose and growth, in the era of agility and inevitable change.

The value of face-to-face interaction will never go away, but there are times when going virtual is a necessary move. APPLY is a virtual experience through which you can connect, have relevant interaction and leave inspired to bring more humanity to your organizations during these difficult times!  Let’s get together in front of our screens to talk about what will happen in our workplaces!

Focused on authentic and actionable content, this fresh conference is every HR professional’s opportunity to share their challenges and find solutions together with like-minded professionals in the industry, in a highly interactive event format.  We expose you to a palette of stimulating ideas to see what the future of work will bring!  

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